Red Hat 7

Since today is Friday and I don’t like making any big changes I decided to spin up a Red Hat 7 VM. Wow are things different. This is going to take some getting used to. However if I master this; take the exam and BAM Red Hat 7 certified. Just in case!!

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Really getting the hang of openstack and even used some old sql commands to fix some stuff. This is what I like this is interesting to me. I am excited to get our openstack cluster up and running; the have nagios monitor it and send alerts it could real neat.

So we are buying a new house. We are paying cash and we low balled the sellers. They agreed cause they were desperate but now tried to back out. We said hell no and I think we got an amazing house. I can’t wait to move in. I got plans for the office. All my statues and nerd heaven will be finally realized. I can also work from home again since I will have a proper office and stuff.

I can’t wait!!!

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So not only did I have to walk my replacement through installing vCenter; even though I told him to download the quick install guide. I couldn’t even buy Bears tickets. I am so disappointed. There is nothing much more in life that I enjoy then going to a Bears game. It was due to a Ticketmaster screw up that got me disconnected and then when I finally got through all the tickets were gone. What a fucking day

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so the openstack cluster is now up and running and in production. We do have to some fine tuning on it and get it a bit better towards 100%. It is better than I thought it would turn out and I am glad it is almost done.

Now we are starting clouder and HBASE. I don’t know what it is but it is just not interesting to me. Maybe cause I got a lot going on but I am not that engaged in this stuff. I think it may have to do with databasing and such and I am not 100% sold on it; even though I should be.

I am still trying to diagnose the slow network speed but not being in control of everything makes is crazy hard. I don’t have full reign to look at what I want and I have to rely on people telling me the truth and not fixing a few things before they give me the data.

All and All it’s not too bad cause I look at that paycheck every 15 and 30th!

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It has been a while since I blogged and figured why not get one going. I am married! It has been about a week but I don’t really feel different. Perhaps it is because we lived together before we got married and now nothing really changes. It is nice to be like my wife etc which is kind of cool.

Anyway so the wedding went off without a hitch. It was an amazing wedding; words cannot describe how awesome it was. Everything from the decor to the band to everything. I am so proud of the wedding it is not even funny!

That’s all I got to say for now since I am backed up at work due to bkup’s incompetence.

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So I decided to take on a new project of mine. A good friend of mine went to splunk. Splunk is all about log management and parsing. I decided we really need something like this here so I found an open source solution called log stash. It seems to be pretty nice but I am working on installing it now.

I will update you all on the status!

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So Don’t get me wrong I am not one of those I hate Windows guys Linux is better or anything. However the proper OS is crucial to what you are trying to accomplish. If you want to run an office and use MS Exchange, Sharepoint, LYNC, Windows is crucial to your design and there is no better. When we developed our express gateway software we also did a windows version. Now we are trying to phase that out and use Linux on Hyper V.

To be honest Hyper V has come a long way. Windows Server on Hyper V is amazing. It is fluent, works well, updates amazing. Linux on the other hand is not so much. Our software is most likely to be not on the bleeding edge but very close. Hyper V sometimes has issues with what we want to do. I don’t expect it to be like vmware and rock solid and just work but they should be regularly supporting it or at least make it flexible.

Anyway that is my rant as I try to figure out kernel panics from a VHD on Hyper V.

Take Care!

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So I am sure we all had the co workers from hell. When I got moved in my position we interviewed a few people for my job. The gentleman we chose looked good on paper but is dumb as shit. We have our networks setup weird (from way back when and we have a plan to fix them). He does not even know what a class C network is or how to split them. This is networking 101.

Also no matter how many times you reboot a server it may not fix the issue; try telling him that!

Anyway on the openstack!

So the Ubuntu cluster we are testing is going along good. I have to do some work on that but at the same time getting my CentOS cluster up and running for production since CentOS is more reliable. On Top of that I have to fix DELL invoices from over a year ago which is crazy. We are attempting to do multiple networks with our openstack which is where the problem is coming in. I really don’t see the reason for using vmware esxi for openstack. Why not use KVM? is KVM going to surpass vmware ? No! but for the instances we are building who cares what hypervisor is on them.

Anyway today is good Friday and since I am catholic it is not meat on Fridays. I have been good most of lent but I just got an itchin for wings today and maybe even a beer since I can drink now. This whole week has just been crazy.

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So we got our raises and our new paystub and stuff. It is more than I got last year (then again 0 is what I got last year). I did reach some milestones in my personal pay scale which is nice. It’s the one thing that sucks about being an adult is the more money you get the more you pay the bills.

On a lighter note it is less than a month to my wedding and I can’t wait. Not only am I marrying an amazing girl but the planning and stressing will be over.

on that note it is time to get back to work and possibly a bit more openstack stuff or even other projects.

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openstack on red hat

So enough with the Ubuntu open stack cluster I am having trouble with. I think it came from the fact that I did not build it; it was outsourced and now we have tons of problems.

I went ahead and am installing CentOS 6.4 and following the RDO quick start.

It looks like a nice quick guide and pretty nice. I downloaded the LIVE CD but it needs a valid internet connection to continue. With all the proxies in place at work I was not surprised when it did not work.

In specific it got an error when trying to do a yum install then aborted the install. It looked like it did partially install since I was able to view it as localhost but attempting from a website was not possible. I also had to disable the firewall but perhaps it alters rules later in the install.

Any way expect updates to this blog about the RDO as so far so good! The only thing that is bogging me down is our network speed and the fact that I have a half day today!

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