Pixel Slate Reiview

OMG! This machine is amazing. I have had it since Launch (last november) and it only gets better.

I feel the hate on it is kind of real (most reviewers compare it to ipad pro or surface). I don’t think that’s a fair comparison and here is why.

The iPAD pro cannot run full apps. If it is not on the app store then it can’t run it. My pixel slate (with crostini enabled) can run full Linux apps. I know there are thousands of more apps for macOS and Windows than linux but if you can’t run them then they don’t exist.

The surface comparison is legit; in fact with WSL (windows subsytem for linux) the surface might be my next machine. With project xcloud coming soon and depending on what it works best for the Surface Pro 7 might be my next one. I am not sure of ARM yet; I feel like the apps aren’t ready for that.

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