openstack on red hat

So enough with the Ubuntu open stack cluster I am having trouble with. I think it came from the fact that I did not build it; it was outsourced and now we have tons of problems.

I went ahead and am installing CentOS 6.4 and following the RDO quick start.

It looks like a nice quick guide and pretty nice. I downloaded the LIVE CD but it needs a valid internet connection to continue. With all the proxies in place at work I was not surprised when it did not work.

In specific it got an error when trying to do a yum install then aborted the install. It looked like it did partially install since I was able to view it as localhost but attempting from a website was not possible. I also had to disable the firewall but perhaps it alters rules later in the install.

Any way expect updates to this blog about the RDO as so far so good! The only thing that is bogging me down is our network speed and the fact that I have a half day today!

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