So I am sure we all had the co workers from hell. When I got moved in my position we interviewed a few people for my job. The gentleman we chose looked good on paper but is dumb as shit. We have our networks setup weird (from way back when and we have a plan to fix them). He does not even know what a class C network is or how to split them. This is networking 101.

Also no matter how many times you reboot a server it may not fix the issue; try telling him that!

Anyway on the openstack!

So the Ubuntu cluster we are testing is going along good. I have to do some work on that but at the same time getting my CentOS cluster up and running for production since CentOS is more reliable. On Top of that I have to fix DELL invoices from over a year ago which is crazy. We are attempting to do multiple networks with our openstack which is where the problem is coming in. I really don’t see the reason for using vmware esxi for openstack. Why not use KVM? is KVM going to surpass vmware ? No! but for the instances we are building who cares what hypervisor is on them.

Anyway today is good Friday and since I am catholic it is not meat on Fridays. I have been good most of lent but I just got an itchin for wings today and maybe even a beer since I can drink now. This whole week has just been crazy.

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