So Don’t get me wrong I am not one of those I hate Windows guys Linux is better or anything. However the proper OS is crucial to what you are trying to accomplish. If you want to run an office and use MS Exchange, Sharepoint, LYNC, Windows is crucial to your design and there is no better. When we developed our express gateway software we also did a windows version. Now we are trying to phase that out and use Linux on Hyper V.

To be honest Hyper V has come a long way. Windows Server on Hyper V is amazing. It is fluent, works well, updates amazing. Linux on the other hand is not so much. Our software is most likely to be not on the bleeding edge but very close. Hyper V sometimes has issues with what we want to do. I don’t expect it to be like vmware and rock solid and just work but they should be regularly supporting it or at least make it flexible.

Anyway that is my rant as I try to figure out kernel panics from a VHD on Hyper V.

Take Care!

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