so the openstack cluster is now up and running and in production. We do have to some fine tuning on it and get it a bit better towards 100%. It is better than I thought it would turn out and I am glad it is almost done.

Now we are starting clouder and HBASE. I don’t know what it is but it is just not interesting to me. Maybe cause I got a lot going on but I am not that engaged in this stuff. I think it may have to do with databasing and such and I am not 100% sold on it; even though I should be.

I am still trying to diagnose the slow network speed but not being in control of everything makes is crazy hard. I don’t have full reign to look at what I want and I have to rely on people telling me the truth and not fixing a few things before they give me the data.

All and All it’s not too bad cause I look at that paycheck every 15 and 30th!

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