ELK Stack!!

ELK Stack working better and more fine tuning; tuned it for dhcp events and looks good. Now to deploy using cfengine and get more data and more!!!


Now it is working with vmware and my nagios server!!!


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3D Printer

Finally got around to setting up my 3d printer. I printed a frog, castle grayskull and working on building a new fantasy football trophy. This is so cool.

I will update with some picture shortly.

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reset password

So I forgot the password to this wordpress. I had to alter the mysql table with the md5 has. Well now that I am back in time to keep this updated!!

mysql -u root -p

user wordpress

select * from wp_users

update wp_users SET user_pass=”MD5 HAS” where ID = %id of user

and it works!!


Edit #1 so I check my gmail and and the reset password email went to my spam box. 🙁 Oh well; it was good practice to edit the mysql database

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alter cpu core

Need to alter cpu cores for testing; Can’t get to vpshere…try this script!!

# Created by Jerry Reid
# Script created to change cpu cores on demand without the use of vsphere
Add-PSSnapin VMware.VimAutomation.Core -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

#Prompt User for Vmware Host
$VMHOST = Read-Host “Enter the FQDN of the vpshere host”
$HostUser = Read-Host “Enter the Username(root)”
$HostPass = Read-Host “Enter the Password”

#Connect to the Host
Connect-VIServer $VMHOST -Username $HostUser -Password $HostPass

#Prompt User for guest name and how many cores
$vmname = Read-Host “Enter the vmname would like to change”
$cores = Read-Host “How many Cores would you like to set the VM to”

#Stop the VM
Stop-VM $vmname
#Set the number of cores
$setcores = new-object -typename VMware.VIM.virtualmachineconfigspec -property @{‘numcorespersocket’=1;’numCPUs’=$cores}
#Alter the VM
(Get-VM $vmname).ExtensionData.ReconfigVM_Task($setcores)
#Start the VM again
Start-VM $vmname

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So I finally automated creating multiple VMs. I have wanted to do this for a while and recently found the time to sit down and do it.

This allows me to RDP in and create VMs also when they do hire a replacement to easily create them thus allowing him more time to rack the servers.

Now if only I could find a way to have esxi automagically install when I hook up the server to the network.

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So I have many many lego sets to build and no time to do them. Since football is over I think I might declare Lego Sunday! Sunday afternoon I go and build a lego!

I like that idea and by the time I am done it will be football season!

Three cheer for lego sunday!

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Not for a while

I have had quite the absence in my blogging. Let’s see

1. Christmas – was sick had stomach flu
2. started going back to school (stanly community college for vmware cert)
3. found out might be getting laid off
4. found out crisis averted for now and should still have a job

there is the last 2 months in 4 lines.


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Walking Dead / TV Rant

So the mid season finale of Walking Dead was on yesterday and I actually enjoyed it. It brought me to something else though is why we have mid season finales. I am watching the X-Files on Netflix and they got 22 episodes per season. Today we are lucky if we get 12. It’s crazy.

I am enjoying the X-Files and I am not sure why I did not watch it earlier in my tv career.

The Truth is out there

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docker / log stash

so it looks like I may have some free time coming up both in work and home. I may look into docker and or log stash. I feel log stash should be working already but the guy replacing me is a complete idiot.

Maybe I do logstash on the nagios server and have them run together. It is a version of SPoF but then again this is not production.

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Bare Iron Backup

So I have decided to take on backing up our physical machines. There are a few good programs free but the majority cost money / hardware. I found this redo backup, not updated since 2012, but am trying it. It sucks cause you have to reboot off of a CD; but if we can schedule downtime 1 saturday a month do backups of critical machines and store offsite. This would be amazing!

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